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5 Soccer Passing Drills Using Small Goals

For soccer players, there is always more than one way to hone and perfect passing techniques through fun, safe drills that can be practiced from home. Today, we’re going to talk about five easy-to-learn drills that you can run at home with a training ball of your choice (we’ve got some currently in stock from brands ranging from Adidas to Pumas), plus a compact but handy 6’ x 3.5’ pop-goalpost from PUGG. Dominate these drills, and you’ll be passing like a pro in no time at all.

Passing Drills YouTube Video

Drill 1: Cone Weave Pass

This one’s simple and fun: simply set up four to eight cones outside in a small space, then cross-dribble through the cones using the insides of both of your feet. Feel free to do this more than once, or simply as needed. After exiting the array of cones, players should perform a pass either to the right or left of the PUGG goal, and then repeat three to five times with each foot. A drill like this enables you to stay utterly in control of the ball at all times.

Drill 2: Defensive Pass

We’re switching up the P.O.V. for this drill, but we promise you, this one’s important. Using the cone formation outlined in the previous drill, players will want to dribble their training ball towards the cones… in this case, they’ll pretend to be the defenders. When they’re ready, players will perform a pass to either side of the goal. It’s a similar muscle you’re flexing when compared to the last drill we outlined, but it’s also a solid, welcome opportunity to practice some sturdy D. As with the last drill, repeat three to five times per foot.

Drill 3: Figure 8 Pass

This drill will allow both novices as well as seasoned players a chance to put their training equipment to good use. To get started, form a figure eight model of small cones about three to five yards apart in diameter. Then, with one foot, attempt to perform a completion pass with one of the goals. Perform three to five reps with each foot, or until you feel like you’ve conquered the drill (three to five is a good baseline to start from, in this case).

Drill 4: Cone Weave Into Pass

This drill is superficially similar to the first one we discussed, but with a few key, critical differences. With this drill, you’re going to want to execute a cone weave as you maneuver away from the goals – and, keep in mind, you’re only using one foot this entire time. Then, with that final cone in your crosshairs, you’re going to want to perform a close-fitting turn around the cone before executing a successful goal pass. If you’re doing these drills in linear order, this one should come relatively easy.

Drill 5: The Ol’ Cut N’ Pass

And, to bring things to a close, we arrive at one of the most resourceful and enduring soccer drills there is: the tried-and-true “cut and pass.” No list of passing drills is complete without this one, so take notes!

To execute a perfect cut and pass, begin by placing two cones ten or so yards apart. Keep the cones aligned in conjunction with the goalposts (this is important). Make your way towards one of the cones you’ve laid down – that’s your starting point. From that cone, begin to dribble toward the other cone, keeping the pace fast and agile and fluid. Remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. That said; do your best to keep a steady pace.

Once you’ve reached the other cone, execute a tight cut, and shoot your shot, aiming squarely at either goal. Feel free to repeat and switch directions as needed, or until you’ve gotten the hang of it.

That’s it! Still have questions? Feel free to give us a follow on IG at @prosoccerdotcom to check out some of the drill-running videos… hey, sometimes it helps to have a visual aid. If you find yourself in need of gear, head on over to the shop and see what’s available!

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