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Wayne Rooney retires from soccer

Who is Wayne Rooney?

When one poses the questions that asks who are the greatest soccer players of all time, at least from a regional perspective, one must consider the legacy of one Wayne Mark Rooney. Soccer nerds may not need a refresher, but for those of you that do, here it is: Over the course of a remarkable career, Rooney has played for a number of prestigious teams. He got his start at Everton in 2002 when he was basically still a boy (he was only sixteen at the time) before going on to secure the distinction of the youngest Premiere League goal scorer in history in coming years. Rooney then went on to play for Manchester United as a Forward before returning to Everton in 2017.

Wayne Rooney in 2002 (left) and 2018 (right).

Since 2018, Rooney had been with D.C. United, until whispers began to circulate that he would be taking over the position of player-coach early last year (Rooney has since spent time training with the team’s coaches). Rooney is now retired from the sport that catapulted him to success; he currently serves as the manager of Derbyshire’s very own Derby County Football Club, who are known to compete in the English Football League Championship.

Wayne Rooney Retires

Wayne Rooney’s retirement marks both the end of an era, and also the beginning of a new one. Rooney’s official statement regarding his new position reads as follows: “When I first arrived back in the United Kingdom, I was blown away by the potential of Derby Football Club. The stadium the training ground, the quality of the playing staff, and the young players coming through and, of course, the fan base that has remained loyal and supportive.” Rooney served as interim boss for Derby F.C. before taking on the role of permanent manager, during which time he oversaw multiple wins for the team.

For close to two decades, Rooney played at the highest possible level for a player of his stature. He set a gold standard for nearly every team he played with, from Everton to Manchester United and beyond. His status in the United States is nearly as legendary: in 2005, when the football vet was arguably playing at the height of his powers and popularity, Rooney-related items at ProSoccer.com and our flagship retail store in Pasadena were practically flying off the shelves, to the point where his signature jersey was the highest-sold jersey at ProSoccer that year.

Wayne Rooney Notable Statistics

To this day, the Liverpool-born boy wonder who was once affectionately nicknamed “Wazza” holds the title of all-time goal scorer for both Manchester United as well as England’s flagship team. He finished his 2018 season with D.C. United with fifteen (15) assists and twenty-three (23) goals over the course of forty-eight (48) games. Playing for Man U, Rooney scored a total of one hundred (100) and eighty three (183) Premiere League goals over the course of over five hundred (500) appearances. Some soccer heads would argue that this makes Rooney one of the most valuable scorers of his generation, or perhaps even in the history of the game. Rooney was also a fixture at Old Trafford stadium for well over a decade. During this time, he secured a litany of accolades, including multiple Premiere League wins, several league cups, and even a much sought-after a FIFA club world cup.

Years Team Apps (Gls)
2002–2004 Everton 67 (15)
2004–2017 Manchester United 393 (183)
2017–2018 Everton 31 (10)
2018–2020 D.C. United 48 (23)
2020–2021 Derby County 30 (6)
Total   569 (237)
Professional Playing Career Stats

There have been several truly memorable Wayne Rooney moments over the course of his prolific and accomplished career. There is, of course, the iconic play from summer 2019 when Rooney lobbed a successful goal from midfield, a shot that no one, not even goalkeeper Brian Rowe, was ready for. Then, of course, there is the much-discussed bicycle kick that Rooney executed in the seventy-eighth (78th) minute of a heated game against Man City. Rooney’s goal broke the deadlock of the game, bringing the Red Devils to a two-to-one advantage that they would then go on to hold down until the end of the match, where they proceeded to emerge victorious. It was one of the defining moments of a fairly definitive career, to the point where certain soccer fanatics argue that it is one of the more notable goals from that year in sports. 

Wayne Rooney's Net Worth

According to goal.com, Wayne Rooney’s estimated net worth hovers around the range of £100 million, which roughly totals out to about $130 million U.S. dollars. Rooney’s cache has steadily risen with each new team he plays for, and each new role he takes on; his transition to D.C. United, for example, ended up being one of the more prosperous plays of his career. When he joined United as a teenager in 2004, he was paid £27 million, a record sum for a player his age. According to Celebrity Net Worth reports as reported by Republic World, Rooney’s net worth could be estimated to be closer to $170 million American dollars – all of which is partly the result of a football career that spans decades, not to mention a devoted fanbase that spans the globe.

It remains to be seen what direction Wayne Rooney will take his new football club in, but if he can bring the same level of class, commitment, grace and professionalism that he was known for as a player to his role as a manager, then it looks as though his second act in life will be a rewarding one.

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